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consignment & brokerage

You tried the rest Now try the Best !


Let QUALITY AUTO SALES sell your vehicle hassle and risk free – we’ll do that as quickly as possible and for the best price for As little As 5% from your selling price !


Our showcase has over 28,000 drive bys daily. Advertising includes print, internet and a national dealer and customer network. Over 80% of consigned vehicles are sold within 20-45 days.

The majority of cars sold are financed-we offer competitive finance  options to buyers.

Over 70% of buyers have trade-ins.  We offer competitive prices.

We offer buyers service contracts and warranties. We do all the legal paperwork. No Appointment or Weekend no shows! Leave it for us !


Very busy for a car search And you know what you want!

You tried the rest , Now come to the best !


We offer an auto brokerage service. Through this service we'll provide you with information about the car buying process from initial search to final delivery. You won't ever need to go into the dealer's lot but will take advantage of the best prices for new cars or trucks with the full factory warranty.
You will start by telling us what kind of vehicle you are looking for. If you are not sure what is the best car for you, we will be happy to offer our expert advice. With our assistance, you will make the best decision on which car or truck suits your requirements. Then, Quality Auto Sales will find the car you have specified at the best possible price. We know about all the rebates and discounts offered by auto manufacturers. As our client you are fully eligible for any manufacturers promotions or programs. Then We need to find out what You are interested in Buying or Leasing?!

Buying vs. Leasing?

Buying vs. Leasing

Do you like the idea of owning your auto? Or would you rather enjoy a vehicle for a while and turn it in for a new car at the end of your lease? Here's some food for thought. Would you rather spend a little each month for a car with the option to buy, or pay a little more each month and own? Would you be limited by potential mileage restrictions? Do you need to build equity? Read on to help you decide.


Maybe you're the type who loves your car and wants to hold on to it for more than just 2-4 years. Or someone who simply enjoys the fact that being an owner eliminates restrictions. Or perhaps you just like shouting from the rooftops "Mine, all mine!" Whatever it is, if the prospect of buying a car tickles your fancy, we're the ones who'd like to help make it happen. When you buy (or "finance") an auto, you arrange to make monthly payments for the length of the loan. As soon as you pay that off, your car is all yours. That's right. No mileage restrictions. No charges for excess wear. Just you, your car and the open road.


Think of it as renting. People who lease a autos pay for the vehicle for X amount of time. Depending on your needs, X can be anywhere from
1 to 5 years. Simply put, the shorter the lease term, the sooner you can get a new car. The longer the lease term, the payments are typically lower. In either case, you typically pay less per month to lease your car than someone who buys. Hence, more car for the money. And at the end of your lease, you get to decide whether to buy your car or return it to the dealer. Obviously, all this comes with a few restrictions and your decision can be affected by things like mileage limitations and applicable fees. If you think leasing may be for you, talk to us. We'll be glad to explain everything
Once we locate the best deal on your specified car, we'll fax the details to you for approval. Then your car is transported to our
Santa Clara office.

Once you inspect it and complete the paperwork, you can drive it home.
Call us for an appointment or let us know if you want something not listed here.

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